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Carpet and upholstery cleaning in Glasgow

With years of experience, and a team of qualified and talented cleaners, we can provide the carpet and upholstery cleaning services you need.


We use a range of equipment and cleaning products to bring life back to your home or business property.

• Carpet cleaning and vacuuming

• Rug cleaning and vacuuming

• Deep fabric cleaning

• Curtain cleaning

• Wood and vinyl floor cleaning


Our upholstery care service is ideal for all kinds of furniture too. Whether it’s antique furniture and fabrics, or modern sofas and chairs, we have the right equipment to ensure that a full clean is provided, with no damage to your furniture and fabrics.

Our full cleaning services include:

We also offer a disaster cleaning service. If you’ve spilled wine on the floor or damaged the fabric on your favourite chair, carpet or rug, our upholstery and carpet cleaners will come along and see what can be done.


Oftentimes we can completely remove stains, and in many cases, we can reduce the stain or damage until it’s barely noticeable.

Disaster cleaning

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